Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Benefit's Erase Paste! Goodbye Dark Circles!

Hey! Second Post! Don't worry I'll stop announcing what number of post is have made :p. But this one is about Erase Paste YEA! Which again I have a sample of but htis one I got at ulta for 10 bucks which not that bad, because this baby lasted me FOREVER! Now the feel of it is thick   kinda of paste like hence the word paste in the name of it, and comes in three shades Fair, Meduim, and Deep. The sample I got which is a small container (Below) which only comes in one shade and that is medium, which is such a bummer because i'm pale as pale can be, and that is my only down side to this product. 
Another one would be it creases once in awhile. But I heard that their Powderflage is a great setting powder to stop it from creasing, another downside the Powderflage is being discontinued, and it's sold out online and I have been waiting to get it but SOLD OUT :(. Lovely right. Anyway i'm getting on a bit of a rant here. The pros of this product would be that it covers dark circles like a charm. I would like to try out Confessions of a Concealaholic (Below) which I would also like to try because it has Boing  which is another concealer of Benefit, Eye Bright, Leamonaid, Erase Paste, and  "That Gal".  So I have a lot of saving up to do *sigh* I should probably make a list of things to save up for. Well Mr. Piggy bank today's your lucky day i guess, he should be full for awhile. 
PRODUCT RATING: 9 out of 10 [9 for being too dark] :(

Stay Don't Stray Benefit Eye Primer! Whoop Whoop!

Hey guys this is my first post! WHOOP! and I'm pumped! obviously, anyway so as my first post I decided to do a review on Benefit's Stay Don't Stray.  Which I got a sample from Sephora awhile back, and well I love it! It is a great concealer base I find, because of the flesh tone it has. So I find myself using less concealer, which is GREAT! Now as the eye primer part it's also pretty good, do to the fact i haven't tried any other eye primer before and  the fact i don't wear eye shadow that often either. Overall it's a excellent product , if you don't have bad dark circles you could just use this as a concealer by itself, but if you have pretty bad dark circles I would put a correcter on top or under it whatever you prefer. I am thinking about saving up and trying the full size!( ^ the picture above^) Which I have heard the pump is a downer, but hey you can always figure out other ways to dispense the product better. :) But as being one of my first Benefit products I have tried so far so GOOD! I hoping to try out more but there so expensive, so I will just have save up then! 
PRODUCT RATING: 10 out of 10